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About Zing Teams

Our Why

At ZingTeams we are passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential.   Today, Leadership more than ever, is a Team Sport.   We work with Leadership Teams to develop their effectiveness.  We provide Virtual and in-Person Leadership training, focused on helping Teams find and develop their superpowers!    We help build AmaZing Teams!


Why work with  us

What makes us unique

Our 4P Model

All our workshops are built around our unique 4P Model, which we use as a map and a compass.    Key ingredients for successful teams include: Purpose, Passion, Performance, People.

Team Learning

Our approach focuses on Learning as a team, while also learning about  the team.   This approach maximizes the return on the investment.   Our workshops are a combination of learning plus team development.


We have worked hard to make sure that all our workshops have an impact on both the individual and the team.   Through a process of practice, reflection, and dialogue, our workshops serve as a powerful catalyst for team transformation.